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Thank You Friends For One Million Wonderful Games of Ramps

I just checked our analytics this morning, and noticed that we passed the one millionth game played in just under three months of being on the App Store. We have now surpassed the number of times the original Ramps for Flash was played in its three years of life on the web, and that version was free!

Thank you friends for playing our game, for continuing to play it, and for loving it as much as we do.

We have so much more in store for you this year, and can’t wait to share more!

Our New Favorite Email

We love getting feedback from folks who play Ramps. Here’s a particularly awesome message from a 13-year-old fan, Frankie:

First of all, I love your game. It’s innovative and clean, no lag or glitches and I like the music. But if you want to get your game to be more popular, I would suggest a few things to improve it and raise the ratings. The music Is very repetitive. It’s catchy and goes with the worlds but maybe at least 4 or 5 more songs for each world. Also if you really want to make people happy, eventually obviously, you should add a Level creator and make it good Because I love being creative, and I’m sure a lot of other people would like it too! Also you should be able to share the levels worldwide and be able to download other ones too. This is all in good time of course! And with future updates, adding more worlds and levels would be nice. But you guys really did a wonderful job with everything! Go ramps!

P.S. The more improvements you make the more people will buy it which means more cha-ching in your pocket!!

Thanks so much for your email, Frankie! More music and a level creator would be really cool. Tim and I will definitely be thinking about your comments while we work on improving the game.