Hyper Level Design

Wahoo! It’s the weekend!

Tyler and I are super excited! Ramps entered into the Top 10 on the App Store last night (currently perched at #8 overall), so we are feeling extra invigorated to keep pushing forward with our upcoming 1.1 update.

Check  out the video below to get an inside look at what level design for Ramps is like, and to see just how fast we can move when we’re motivated.

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4 Responses to “Hyper Level Design”

RoseCityRed responded 12 years ago

Nice rockin’ with the JSON! We’re looking forward to the new levels. Loving the tunes also. How about a feature with ESSA on the Ramps soundtrack?

Keep up the great work lads!

LeQuack responded 12 years ago

i love your game,could you explain a little about what is going on here,programming wise!I hope i’m not to greedy!Thanks!

    Tim responded 12 years ago

    Hey, thanks! Glad you like it!

    So technically, no programming is actually going on in this video. I built out a way that we could create and manage levels by using a data standard called JSON. What JSON does is that it makes it really easy to manage information in a way that is readable by people who don’t necessarily want to understand how the program works.

    In our case, I’ll have a section for the goal, for example. I’ll give it some attributes such as x and y position, and the goal object in code is smart enough to know where to place itself on the screen based on those attributes.

    Other objects are more complicated, such as the piranha. Within the JSON, we can control animation paths of where the piranha pops out of the water, how high it jumps, where it will land, and how long the entire sequence will take. This gives us a great deal of flexibility when designing levels, and we can tweak changes really quickly without having to change code, which can be risky.

Lequack responded 12 years ago

Thanks a lot for the answer, i will look into that!keep up the excelent work!