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Ramps for iOS is 50% off this week, ‘Because We May’

Now through June 1, you can pick up Ramps for your iPhone or iPad and keep an extra dollar in your pocket, simply Because We May. We’re celebrating the freedom Apple gives us to set our own prices, and we’re not alone. Dozens of indie game makers (including some heroes of ours) are doing the same.

Tim and I hope you take advantage of this awesome sale by purchasing some groovy indie games for iOS, Mac, Steam, Android and more.

And seriously, if you haven’t played Ramps yet, what are you waiting for?

Happy Holidays! Ramps 1.2 adds iPad support, HD levels, iCloud sync and more

The number one question we get from fans of Ramps:

“When are you going to make an iPad version?”

Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have guessed that Tim and I have been tinkering with Ramps for iPad ever since Ramps 1.1 debuted back in April. We’ve taken that time to insure that the iPad experience isn’t a mere port, but a definitive version of the game.

Another question we get asked a lot is whether or not Ramps for iPad will be a separate app, or a universal update. We wrestled with this distinction for quite some time, with both options having pros and cons, but we think you’ll be happy with our decision.

Ramps 1.2 is a free update for existing players, available now on the iOS App Store!

What’s new in this version?

  • iPad support! Woo-hoo!
  • 40 marvelous new HD levels exclusively for the iPad… 240 levels in all now!
  • An epic new iPad title screen chock-full of delightful surprises to uncover!
  • Full iCloud support with game save and score auto-sync!
  • New Game Center Achievements! Who doesn’t like bragging rights?
  • Major stability and design improvements. Shiny new buttons!

If you dig this update, consider spreading the holiday cheer by rating the app or gifting it to a friend!

Tim and I would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank-you to those of you who have played and supported our game. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, we’ll see you in 2012!

Happy Backabit Day!

Exactly one year ago today, Tyler and I joined forces to create simple, pick-up-and-play games for modern touch platforms. We christened our effort “Backabit”  (Tyler’s mom came up with the name) because of our fondness for timeless, old-school gameplay.

To celebrate how far we’ve come, we want to give something back to you. For a short time, we’re giving away Ramps for iPhone. Seriously, take a look… it’s 100% free.

If you’ve already got a copy, thank you so much! This wouldn’t be possible without your support. Now’s your chance to gift a copy to friends, family, even your dog!

We’re cooking up some big plans we hope to announce in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this blog or follow us on Twitter to keep in the loop.

Something Up Our Sleeve

backabit secretWe love surprises, it’s one of our favorite parts about making games.

That said, we don’t want anyone to miss out on what we’ve got planned. Make sure you check back this way tomorrow.

You won’t be sorry!

Reinventing Ramps at 52 Mobile Apps

52 Mobile Apps (a year-long mobile app article marathon) published a guest post today by yours truly: Reinventing Ramps: From Flash Curiosity to iOS Success.

The article talks about the design realizations I had between creating the original Flash game and the new iOS title. Here’s a short excerpt:

I didn’t want Ramps for iPhone to feel hermetically sealed. I wanted it to feel friendly, approachable and alive.

So I gave the ball a face.

When the ball was inanimate, only the player’s pride was at stake. The introduction of another personality, however subtle, elicits their empathy. The ball’s well-being is in his or her hands.

Read the rest over at 52 Mobile Apps!